Bordner Aerials                                                                                            Local: 952-881-1546
9072 Lyndale Avenue South                                                                        Elsewhere: 800-426-1546
Bloomington, MN 55420                                                                              E-mail:

Bordner Aerials has helped their clients for over 40 years. Bordner Aerials has consistently focused on getting the right photograph for their clients to help solve their problems or demonstrate their needs to others.

We focus on your mission, not on sales. We want your business to be easier to do because of our work.

Aerial photography has many diverse uses. But if aerial photography isn’t the right tool to use for your project, we’ll let you know that as well. Our goal is to help you succeed and we will partner with you to determine where we can be of help.

In a world of documentation, proposals, drafts, drawings and meetings, Bordner Aerials can supply the picture that is worth thousands and thousands of words.