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PAPA International

PAPA International, The Professional Aerial Photographers' Association, is a professional trade organization, whose members are aerial photographers throughout the world.

Contractors, architects, attorneys, engineers and owner/developers have all found aerial photography to be an invaluable tool to document and show the progress of construction on building projects of all types.

Steve Manni, a Project Manager with Duke Construction recently listed the following uses and benefits he receives from using Bordner Aerials services:

Pre-Construction Meetings

Steve uses 24″ x 30″ enlargements to communicate easily with workers and sub-contractors such things as areas for crane set-up,materials storage, equipment and personnel placement.

On-Site Weekly Meetings

Steve finds photo enlargements ideal for orienting both existing and new employees to high risk area, parking and break areas, as well as shelter areas to use in the event of severe weather or terrorism warnings.

Sub-contractor Interaction

Aerial photo allows Steve to work efficiently with sub-contractors in having a visual photo reference that ensures that everyone is “on the same page” with the current project status.

Legal Record

The construction aerial photo gives Steve a legal and accurate record of the project status at a specific date and time and is useful in verifying individual job completion rates. This makes it easy to deal with both minor and major disputes. Once again a picture is worth a thousand words.

Progress Photos

Steve sends out progress aerial photos via e-mail to up to fifty people each month to keep everyone who is involved in the project up-to-date. This includes:

  • Leasing Agents
  • Construction Personnel
  • City Planners
  • Building Officials
  • Building Inspector
  • Fire Marshall
  • Police Chief

Steve says, “We get lots of positive feedback from these professionals for the use of progress aerials.”