Vertical photography allows you to have an image that, like a map, can be scaled from and adjusted to a specific scale (such as 1 inch equals 200 feet). This is especially useful for planning, engineering and mapping purposes.

Dazzling detail is the aerial photography advantage. Unlike vertical images available on the internet, our custom work is current, often shot within days of your request, and is site specific, giving you high resolution images to work with showing the detail you need.

Vertical photography is conducted through special portholes installed in the aircraft floor. Cameras mounted in this fashion can record true scalable vertical images useful for planning and layout. All cameras used are gyro-stabilized to eliminate vibration problems endemic to aerial photography.

Common projects include:

Construction sites

Display maps

Special Projects

Property Surveys

Bordner Aerials can get you the right vertical photos to help in your work.

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PAPA International

PAPA International, The Professional Aerial Photographers' Association, is a professional trade organization, whose members are aerial photographers throughout the world.

2010 Lifetime Achievement Award
The PAPA Lifetime Achievement Award is one of the most prestigious honors that can be bestowed on a member of PAPA. It is not bestowed lightly, and is not an annual award, but rather a special opportunity to honor an exceptional individual. The PAPA Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to the PAPA member who, in the judgment of the PAPA Executive Board, contributed a lifetime of work in Aerial Photography.